We provide sophisticated sourcing strategies to access the entire candidate market including ‘passive’ candidates who are not actively seeking new positions. Our bespoke sourcing methodologies may include any one of the following:
  • Executive Search
  • Advertising
  • Database Selection
  • Specialist Networks
  • Customised Talent Bank

Executive Search

An ideal strategy where potential candidates need to meet tight specifications, the role is very specialised and they will only respond to a direct approach. Lead by a specialist Consultant supported by a dedicated Researcher we are able to leverage 14 years IP to map the market and qualify potential candidates relevant to your industry. Working with a handful of client partners we are unrestricted by hands-off agreements, follow a strict methodology throughout the assignment, provide regular updates including longlist presentation, and utilise competency based interviewing techniques to ensure a comprehensive fit with your requirements.

Advertised Selection

A highly effective method to attract mid to senior level candidates, particularly if the brief is expansive. We typically manage a broad campaign utilising the internet (major job boards, mini sites), email and print media (major daily newspapers, industry publications). Our brand is recognised for quality positions and employers and successfully attracts top candidates. We bring innovative and proven copy writing skills along with current placement experience. As an ambassador of your organisation we are prompt and professional in managing response, provide after hours contact and utilise competency based interviewing techniques to ensure a comprehensive fit with position requirements.

Combined Search & Advertising

Typically recommended where a well worded advertisement can supplement executive search by identifying candidates from other industry sectors or those relocating from overseas. The search component will target candidates within agreed parameters whilst advertising will encourage applications from the broader market.

Interim Management & Contracting

Our extensive up-to-date database and network of executives provides a rapid solution for covering short term needs. Typical scenarios include utilising highly experienced practitioners whilst searching for a new executive, providing cover for longer term absences such as maternity leave, or staffing key projects. Flexibility and risk mitigation are usually driving the requirement, either to bring in specialist expertise or highly qualified professionals who will take control of a situation quickly and effectively.

Customised Talent Bank

An excellent tool for truncating the hiring process by identifying talent ahead of time. In a market where the scarcity of quality candidates means the time-to-hire is typically out of step with business needs, our Talent Bank service allows for the identification and pre-qualifying of candidates resulting in a quick turnaround when your business need arises. This works particularly well as a risk management tool and for succession planning.

Psychometric Assessments

If required at any stage of the candidate selection process we are able to arrange for testing by an independent psychologist. We are able to brief the psychologist and identify the key competencies, personality traits and leadership style to be assessed, the process managed seamlessly as part of the overall assignment. We enjoy a close relationship with the OSA Group, a major provider of quality counselling, trauma and HR consulting services to over 750 leading organisations throughout Australia.

HR Consulting

Regarding the broader domain of Human Resources we are able to provide practical advice on performance management, change management, organisational structures, attracting and retaining key staff, EEO, learning & development, and HR policies and procedures. For more specialist advice we partner closely with Ryan Gately, an HR Consultancy with deeper expertise in the area of Human Capital Management.

Career Transition / Outplacement

For senior level executives we are able to provide tailored advice on a one-to-one basis. Practical in nature the aim is to ensure the executive approaches the market well prepared with the ability to secure the best possible role. For comprehensive service we work closely with specialist consultancies able to provide advice in the crucial areas of career coaching, career transition and leadership development and are happy to make a referral.

Market Mapping

As an adjunct to or on a stand alone basis we can map industries and markets to identify potential talent, provide competitor information, understand how your company is perceived or benchmark internal candidates. Our dedicated research team enable us to present comprehensive information on which to base business decisions.

Salary Surveys

We can provide formal and informal salary surveys across all our areas of specialisation. Typically this information is sourced from our database and information gleaned by our research team.

Payrolling Services

Our payroll system is designed to handle large numbers. We are able to provide an outsourced payroll function as well as pay contractors on your behalf if you’d prefer to have them off your payroll.

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